Supplier Evaluation


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In the process of developing new products and exploring new opportunities for customers, they will come into contact with suppliers from different backgrounds and different qualifications. We can assist such customers to review all aspects of the suppliers they choose, through interviews, filling out questionnaires, and In the form of meetings and other forms, a comprehensive evaluation of the qualifications of the suppliers is carried out for customers' reference.

Verify the basic information of the factory

Comprehensive factory profile assessment: area, personnel, date of establishment, professional equipment, etc.

Step 1

Corporate culture and industry influence evaluation

1. From the profile of the company's corporate culture, the rationality of the company's choice is reflected in a targeted manner

2. Analyze industry rankings and other related factors to determine the company's industry status

3. Use employee interviews and other details to have a good assessment of the company’s long-term cooperation tendency


Step 3

Assessment of factory capacity

  1. Production capacity assessment
  2. Quality control evaluation
    3. Business docking assessment


Step 2

Evaluation of partners and delivery history

For suppliers with certain data support, we need to effectively evaluate their production capacity and quality control again....

Step 4