Periodical Inspection


GLS engineering and technical personnel go to the customer site to provide inspection services, comprehensively detect the operating status of the display, diagnose faults in a timely manner and provide complete solutions to ensure that the equipment remains in good operating condition

Problem Detection and Onsite Problem Solving


Fully detect and quickly locate equipment failures, and provide complete solutions

System Upgrading and Adjustment


Debug the equipment as a whole, complete the operation and acceptance of the equipment

Keep tracing the status of the screens

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Four types of inspections


Based on the previous operating status data of the screen saver, we roughly classify the main inspection targets and troubleshooting measures into 4 categories, so that we can more effectively ensure the continuity of the equipment used by customers.

No contract but normal inspection


After collecting and confirming the warranty period, arrange the inspection frequency according to the actual situation

Periodic contract inspection


According to the signed contract, conduct regular inspections of the customer’s screen as required

Routine maintenance in warranty


It is recommended that the supplier can maintain itself in accordance with our process standards or we regularly check the condition of the screen according to the negotiated plan on a daily basis to ensure smooth operation

Unexpected project inspection


For temporary government projects, bidding projects, or unexpected inspections that require inspections in the contract, if the workload is large and urgent, arrangements should be made according to the actual situation