Component repair

or replacement

Under certain circumstances, we could help to fix accessories to save time of delivery.

Or sometimes, we get some requirements on repair the cable connectors or contact of PSU, so this is also within our ability.

As receiving card problems are always not deserved to repair but to change, we have channels to require lower price of those cards from Novastar, Colorlight or Linsn, if you want to replace cards or upgrade, we could help.

Connector Repair


Under certain circumstances, we can repair the connector and carry out a certain degree of transformation.

Module Repair


This is our main maintenance business. Through professional maintenance and high-efficiency output, customers can focus more on using products to obtain value instead of endless troubles.

HUB Problem Detection


The HUB is a very important part of the electronic components of the display screen. This part also has more problems. Through the detection of the program, we have the ability to eliminate the problems of the HUB and give the screen better input data.