Calibration Service

For long-term use of the display, the brightness of the lamp beads will attenuate, and the complexity of the use scene determines that the product will be viewed differently from various angles. In order to make the display effect of the screen as close as possible to the initial purchase , After replacing the lamp beads or after the use time limit is long, we will recommend the customer to calibrate, which maximizes the consistency of the product, and can also increase the customer’s satisfaction. The cost is not high, but it can bring better vision enjoy.

Prepare shooting equipment and other debugging equipment


The camera will be used during the calibration process to collect the image of the LED display.

Computer and controller


Control computer (install Nova software or other calibration software on the computer).


Preparation for calibration


It is necessary to ensure that the calibration site environment is constant, preferably in a specific darkroom. During the calibration process, there is no external light interference, no obvious cross-beam around the screen, and no infrared light-emitting equipment at the position of the camera.